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Modératrice - Cynthia Bouthot
President of Space Commerce Matters

Cynthia Bouthot is President of Space Commerce Matters, a pioneer in Low Earth Orbit Demand Creation.

Prior to this, Cynthia helped standup the ISS National Lab and developed the demand model that resulted in 55% commercial customers generating over $200M in funding and sponsored programs.

Cynthia spent 10 years working in innovation and new market creation throughout Europe and Asia; she was the Consul, and head of Trade and Investment for the British Consulate as well as Head of Innovation and R&D with a special focus on space and life sciences.

Cynthia has her Masters in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Science from the Boston College Carroll School of Management.

Cynthia Bouthot
Cynthia Bouthot

Partenaire - Chloé Evans
Head of Market Research and International Relations at France Biotech

Chloé Evans is currently Head of Market Research and International Relations at France Biotech. Since 2016, she has been coordinating market research and industry publications for the association, conducting policy impact assessments and business intelligence.

She also helps support and coordinate some of France Biotech’s working groups and the Association’s actions on new policies and advocacy for healthcare and biotechnology industries. Since 2019, she oversees international relations and communication with both European and global associations and stakeholders.

Prior to joining France Biotech, Chloé worked in strategy consulting for the healthcare sector at Bionest Partners and then with D&Consultants where she worked on various strategy and marketing projects for technology transfer offices, pharma and biotech companies.

Ms. Evans holds a degree in Biochemistry (BSc) from the University of Manchester (UK) and a Master’s degree in European Business and Management from ESCP Europe (London/Paris).

Chloé Evans
Chloé Evans

Intervenante - Hilde Stenuit
Seasoned research and team leader at Space Applications Services

Dr. Hilde Stenuit is a seasoned research and team leader for Space Applications Services.

She is currently using her expertise to guide the users of and create opportunities for commercial access to Space through the first European commercial ISS service called ICE Cubes (International Commercial Experiment Cubes).

Prior to this, she worked as an operations specialist for ISS modules and for spacecraft (ATV), she did operational coordination for research on National Soyuz missions.

Following this she supported ESA for over a decade in a function of ESA ISS Mission Science Office, doing scientific coordination and research planning of the complement of ISS science experiments.

Hilde Stenuit
Hilde Stenuit

Intervenant - Ken Savin
Associate Program Scientist - ISS NL / Chemist at Eli Lilly

Ken Savin received his Ph.D. from the University of Utah and came to Eli Lilly and Co. from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center as a senior organic chemist.

He worked on many projects in the areas of anxiety, depression, and inflammatory disorders. He had roles in management and research in Drug Disposition, Lead Generation, Isotopic Chemistry, Acquisitions & Assessment, Process Chemistry & Route Design, Technology, and Clinical Innovation. He also led a team of Lilly scientists to develop and fly five experiments on the ISS.

After 20 years at Lilly, he joined the team at the Center for the Advancement of Science In Space (CASIS), manager of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory. He is currently the Sr. Program Director of In-Space Production at CASIS.

Ken Savin
Ken Savin

Animatrice - Dr. Lucie Campagnolo
Project Manager Space and Healthcare, CNES/MEDES

Lucie Campagnolo is project manager at MEDES, the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology. Since its creation in 1989, MEDES has been striving to maintain and help develop French competence in space medicine and physiology and to promote the application of space research in the field of health.
MEDES achieves this through its work in three main sectors: support in space medicine and physiology for space exploration, clinical research, and lastly e-health and support for epidemiological monitoring.
Lucie also acts as Head of Healthcare applications at the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) to promote and foster innovation between the healthcare and space industrial sectors.
She participates in several Think Tanks and knowledge groups in the field of technological development in space and terrestrial medicine.
Prior to this, Lucie was payload ops engineer at CNES where she worked as an Experimental Manager to help scientists to prepare and conduct a broad range of experiments in microgravity, be it aboard the International Space Station, Airbus A300 Zero-G, or Ground Analogs.

Lucie Campagnolo
Lucie Campagnolo