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Towards smart transport

Satellites enabling new mobility solutions

Satellite positioning technology and the use of satellite images have made a major contribution to the development of innovative products and services for new mobility solutions.

Space technologies have created multiple opportunities for developing services related to new forms of mobility 

Satellites' added value


A perfect example of the added value of satellite technologies in mobility is the arrival ofGalileo, the European satellite navigation system, which is playing a major role in the development of new services for optimizing mobility.

The emergence of a wealth of new applications has also been enabled by the connectivity and geolocation capabilities of smartphones and dedicated equipment. Vehicle fleet management and goods tracking services are already widely used to make these processes more efficient.

The primary differentiating factor for Galileo is the integrity of positioning, mainly due to secure signal transmission and greater precision. This guarantee of integrity is essential to ensure a safe guidance function for autonomous vehicles.

Picto Géolocalisation
The Galileo European satellite navigation system offers the very best positioning integrity, with more secure signal transmission and unprecedented accuracy of around one metre, soon to become 20 cm.

Earth observation

Satellite imagery plays a major role in mapping at a global scale and is used to create the high-definition maps needed to guide autonomous vehicles.

Eolab - Le laboratoire d'observation de la Terre du CNES

In France, transport is the main source of CO2 emissions. 

New forms of mobility (foot and cycle traffic, ride-sharing, multimodal transport, intermodality, ecomobility, etc.) can provide solutions to reduce the ecological footprint of passenger and freight transport while improving their performance and cost-effectiveness.

Le transport est le principal émetteur de CO2 en France
Transport is the main CO2 emitter in France

Operational solutions

Waze, the alliance between geolocation and crowdsourcing

The Waze app provides all trip information in real time: traffic conditions, roadworks, accidents, alternative routes, service stations with price comparison, etc. Waze does this by systematically collecting and geolocating the traffic parameters of connected drivers, who can also immediately report any event they encounter.

ffly4u or onboard information

Combining geolocation, Bluetooth and IoT sensors, the start-up ffly4u has developed a multifunction unit to optimize the logistics chain for road hauliers. Its multiple benefits include non-stop accurate geopositioning, detecting impacts and movement, monitoring the integrity of transported assets, combating theft and malicious acts, optimizing inventory management and truck filling, and geofencing.

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