Médecine spatiale

Space medicine

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Space medicine for health on Earth

Health is an area where space research has direct benefits for the general public.

In space, astronauts are required to live in a weightless, confined environment some 400 km from Earth, constantly bombarded by radiation. Because the various impacts on their health need to be controlled, they are under almost constant monitoring.

These studies and analyses provide insights into health problems that are quite similar to those encountered on Earth.

Space health research therefore has direct benefits for the general public.

Satellites' added value

Medical innovations in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring, but also in relation to the extreme cleanliness of the living environment, are designed to be transferred back to Earth in order to benefit the greatest number of people.

The effects of the space environment on the human body are similar to those of accelerated and reversible ageing, a hyper-sedentary lifestyle or prolonged bed rest. Studies conducted in weightlessness help us better understand and prevent certain diseases such as osteoporosis and frailty in the elderly, as well as cardiovascular risk.

Aiming for operational solutions

The need for breakthrough health technologies for deep space exploration (Moon, Mars) revolves around three main issues:

  • Autonomy in health (detection of weak signals, preventive measures, prediction, diagnostic assistance, support for performing medical procedures)
  • Combating the harmful effects of the space environment (physiological, medicinal, nutritional or cognitive countermeasures)
  • Optimizing performance (smart human-machine interfaces, human factors, etc.)
Médecine spatiale
Clinical weightlessness simulation study using the dry immersion model at the MEDES Space Clinic © CNES/Emmanuel GRIMAULT, 2015

Connect by CNES is here to help

Health is an area where space research has direct benefits for the general public.

With the support of our healthcare subsidiary the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology (MEDES Space Clinic),  CNES is making its space expertise available to public health players and companies, to facilitate technology transfers fulfilling requirements of public health, international solidarity and economic development.

Innovative companies with breakthrough health technologies, let's apply our combined expertise to ambitious projects to quickly bring to market solutions addressing both terrestrial and space issues, for the benefit of people everywhere!

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