Space knows no borders

Satellite technologies have especially high potential at international level

This applies in particular to developing countries, where infrastructure is often poorly developed or lacking, making many actions and services to populations difficult or even impossible.

What international actions could you consider with Connect by CNES?

Connect by CNES provides specific support for international projects to develop satellite applications.

Thanks to the numerous co-operative projects we have established with other space agencies, our partnerships with French development aid experts (AFD, IRD, etc.) and the various branches and representatives of the space sector operating within the French diplomatic network abroad, we are able to support your efforts to distribute and use satellite technologies internationally.

Within this framework, several different types of support can be tailored to your project:

  • Support for prospecting
  • Support for technical feasibility studies
  • Identification of promising international events for your activities
  • Hosting of international institutional and economic delegations
  • Introductions to specific contacts
  • Training and capacity-building actions
  • Facilitation of access to satellite data and services
Satellite technologies have especially high potential internationally. We can partner you in your export projects.

What are the possible uses?

In developing countries, satellite applications and services have major competitive advantages because they transcend borders and are operational everywhere.

This opens up prospects in many areas: management of water resources, monitoring of agricultural and forestry resources, urban and regional development, mapping, monitoring of marine and coastal resources, crisis management and post-crisis reconstruction, overcoming the digital divide, healthcare, etc.

These areas are particularly likely to benefit from satellite observations or telecommunications and geopositioning tools, but other uses are also gradually emerging.

What are the main international partnerships you can benefit from?

We have set up agreements with various countries that are particularly attractive for space applications:

Thanks to our numerous cooperative agreements with other space powers and relations with players in many countries, we are able to help you with your export projects.

Take advantage of our many partnerships to maximize your international opportunities.

Who is our international support offer aimed at?


Have you developed or are you planning to develop a product or service with strong international potential? Do you think your know-how could be crystallized in other countries? Connect by CNES offers different tools to support you in your ambitions to break into export markets.
We can assist you in your prospecting projects or help you conduct technical feasibility studies, prototype, test and validate your solutions using satellite technologies or guide you in offering access to satellite data or services.
Thanks to the many partnerships we have forged with public and private contacts, we can also put you in touch with our foreign partners to enable you to benefit from their technical and business structures (centres of expertise, incubators, etc.) with a view to developing partnership projects tailored to the uses and needs of each region.

French and foreign economic and institutional players

Competitiveness clusters, development agencies, Consular Chambers, institutional players... Do you have branches abroad? Would you like local space companies to come and visit you there? Do you want to promote international cooperation or the export development of your most promising companies?
Let's talk about it! We can put you in touch with local contacts, or assist you with creative thinking, establishing joint projects, etc.

International - Satellite Pléiades
Pleiades satellite © Airbus DS/Master Image Films, 2007


Do you want to strengthen the export potential of your start-ups? Develop partnerships with incubators in other countries? We can put you in touch with international incubators.

Funding organizations

Satellite technologies offer attractive opportunities, especially in developing countries: to compensate for the lack of ground infrastructure, help local players make technological advances, provide training opportunities for technical teams, etc. If you would like to fund innovative and structuring projects with economic, societal and diplomatic benefits, we should meet!

International institutions

Connect by CNES also helps players in the host country implement space solutions locally. This support includes capacity-building measures for you, the host countries; and support for contracting authorities. Our support gives pride of place to skills transfer towards experts and operators in host countries in order to facilitate the adoption of satellite technologies and their integration into operational services.
If you think that space has potential for your region or country in terms of the environment, altimetry, water management, crisis management, agriculture, etc., or if you wish to create new opportunities for your partners to obtain qualified skills, let's meet and discuss your projects!


Are you working on research projects incorporating space solutions that could meet the needs of emerging countries? Let's talk about it; we can help you carry out capacity-building actions and put you in contact with institutional users or technical centres.

Your International contact person

Linda will help you with any questions on international opportunities. Don't hesitate to write to us, we will forward your request.

Linda, votre référente international
Linda, your advisor on international opportunities
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