Harnessing satellite technology to address a global challenge

Analyse, observe and act for the environment using satellite data

Are you a large group, local authority or company active in environmental protection, agricultural transformation or tackling climate change? Or do you want to become one? We can support and assist you!

Earth observation is revolutionizing our understanding of the planet almost daily. Satellites are specialists in this area, and have numerous tools that can be mobilized for the environment. Weather, geolocation and telecommunication data are key resources for designing new services.

Satellite data can be used to develop innovative tools to address the global challenges facing us, including environmental protection, precision agriculture, climate change and monitoring.
  • Connect by CNES will help you understand satellite data in order to integrate them more effectively into your tools and services.

We encourage you to talk to us about your projects: we can support them, offer you our unique expertise in using satellite data, and put you in touch with other ecosystem players.


Satellites are essential tools for partnering the agricultural sector in its necessary transition.

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Satellite technologies can be used to establish mechanisms to preserve species and natural resources, or to manage the response to disasters.

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Satellites already support 90% of the world's weather services and are an invaluable resource for managing the impacts of climate change.

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A new website for institutional players

Applisat is a community website for public players. Freely accessible, it offers data sheets on existing products, examples of how satellite technologies are used and, in particular, a forum where the different players can obtain, exchange and share information and ideas on different themes.

In order to promote the use of satellites among public authorities, the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MTE) and the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local and Regional Authorities (MCTRCT)  have created the Satellite Applications Plan (PAS). The Applisat website is the result of this ambition to harness space technologies for institutional players.

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