Funds dedicated to space projects

Funding programmes

Whether you are a start-up, SME, mid-tier company or large industrial group, you need financing in order to grow. We understand this, and make it easier for you to get it by guiding you towards the different funding sources according to your profile and supporting your applications to the various parties.

Space TicketA mechanism for start-ups

Space Ticket, the funding visa for technology start-ups 

PULSERFor companies of all sizes

PULSER, dispositif de financement de l'ESA pour entreprises de toutes tailles
PULSER, ESA's funding scheme for companies of all sizes

Cosmi CapitalStart-ups, VSEs, SMEs

CosmiCapital, a specific funding source for start-ups and SMEs

Financing of major industrial projects

Specific funding is available for developing major space-related industrial projects.

This may come from national (PIA - the French future investment programme, regional plans, etc.) or international sources (Horizon Europe, GSA, ESA BASS - Business application , Space4Rail, General Support Technology Programme ESA…) 

At Connect by CNES, we actively monitor all these sources and guide you towards suitable funding to enable your major national or international projects to become reality.

Your funding contact

Véronique will help you with any questions on funding. Don't hesitate to write to us, we will forward your request.

Véronique, your Space Ticket & funding contact