The CESARS team


Satellite telecommunications

Ten days of expertise per year for your satcom projects

Satellites can meet a vast array of telecommunication needs, alone or in conjunction with ground-based networks. Applications range from Internet access and e-health through to connected objects and remote control, transport or telephone services. 

To help you find your way around, make the right choices and test your progress, CNES is offering you the use of its satellite telecommunications laboratory, CESARS. As an expertise and support centre, it develops the use of satellite telecommunications and promotes the emergence of new services using these technologies.

Picto Télécommunications par satellite
The CESARS teams are at your disposal for all your projects integrating satellite telecommunications


CESARS gives you 10 days of free support per year.

LOGO cesars - Le laboratoire télécommunications du CNES
Center of expertise and support for satellite telecommunications uses

Tailored support

CESARS support can range from assistance with the study phase to access to the technical platform, including tests on a satellite link with your equipment or applications.

It is designed for European companies of all sizes as well as public bodies (ministries, local authorities, laboratories, etc.), and helps them:

  • Define and analyse their telecommunications needs.
  • Identify satellite and/or ground-based solutions suited to these needs.
  • Verify the economic relevance of the possible solutions.
  • Validate the technical relevance of a satellite solution, and possibly refine the need through demonstrations.
  • Provide assistance to the contracting authority.
  • Test their equipment or applications on our facilities: satellite links, interconnection equipment, terminals, application servers.
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