A vast support network

Combining our energy

Connect by CNES can capitalize on CNES's reputation to open doors for you to a vast network of partners in France and abroad.

This includes the main national political and economic players, such as ministries, competitiveness clusters, major industrial companies, development agencies, etc.

This institutional positioning means that Connect by CNES can assist decision-makers wishing to change the standards and regulations needed for implementing major industrial projects.

To foster this coming together of space and other sectors, and provide strong support to the French space industry, Connect by CNES nurtures its many partnerships and signs specific agreements with French regions and international organizations.

Take advantage of our network of partners in France and around the world

A rich and fertile national fabric

Connect by CNES regularly draws on a large network of key players:

Key partnerships with French regions and major cities

French regions and cities need new tools to accompany their new powers. Space applications provide the most effective solutions for optimizing land management and planning.

In contributing to them, CNES is seeking to strengthen an effective local public service that benefits the entire population.

Carte de France

Through specific agreements, CNES has worked with French regions to define the satellite solutions and technologies best suited to their priority objectives and ambitions, and determine how they should be deployed. This is according to three priority areas:

  • •    Space is a powerful driver of employment and economic development => identify and support companies likely to use satellite technologies for their development;
  • Space can offer lasting solutions for the environment, climate and risk management => develop a portfolio of operational services tailored to the problems of each region;
  • Training future generations in satellite technologies will enable the working population to develop their skills => develop university space centres, support research work, contribute to the science-society dialogue, etc.

Alongside CNES, the major cities are also trying out demonstrators of innovative processes – combining satellite data with other technological sources – in order to deploy the most effective ones on a larger scale. For example, faced with the risk of flooding, which is higher in urban environments due to the increase in built-up areas, satellite monitoring capabilities provide a solution for assessing the development of this risk and taking preventive measures.

So far, five agreements have been signed with the regions of Brittany, Grand Est, Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie and the Région Sud. A sixth is being prepared with Ile de France.
Several demonstrators are also being set up with major cities such as Montpellier, Toulouse, Nice and Strasbourg, in areas such as smart-city and environmental monitoring.

    An international network

    Outside France, we also have a vast network that can help you break into international markets. Through partnerships with space agencies and various economic players, our institutional positioning allows access to state decision-makers and provides leverage, especially with our European partners.

    Our participation in the SCO (Space Climate Observatory) for example, will facilitate access to international projects on the impact of climate change.


    We have also set up agreements with various countries that are particularly attractive for space applications:

    Our network of partners

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    Our network of partners is constantly growing