Reinventing mobility with the help of satellite technologies

All mobile, all concerned

Numerous stakeholders have adopted space solutions to optimize mobility flows, strengthen policies to rationalize travel, and reduce the environmental impact of vehicles and transport.

Our experts in geolocation of NavLab (to make better use of position and speed through Galileo), as well as the experts in Earth observation at the CNES Lab'OT (for a better understanding of the environment around the vehicle) will be happy to assess and support your mobility projects.

Les données de géolocalisation et les images issues de l'observation de la Terre sont indispensables pour concevoir de nouveaux services en lien avec la mobilité de demain

Automotive sector

Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, is generating new services for mobility. Satellite imagery is used to create the high-definition maps essential for guiding autonomous vehicles.

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Maritime sector

For the infinitely vast oceans, satellite applications enable safer navigation and accurate routing of large vessels, as well as surveillance of areas that are difficult to reach.

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In the current context of profound transformation, and in order to maintain safety and quality of service throughout the country, space solutions hold great promise for the rail transport sector.

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Your contact person for mobility

Eric takes a panoramic look at the different mobility solutions, including drones. Don't hesitate to write to us, we will forward your request.

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