Le Golfe d'Aigues-Mortes vu par Pléiades

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Harnessing space technologies for regional innovation

A driver of performance for public action

Space solutions have great potential for multiple uses in regions of all types and sizes, as they can tackle issues from mobility or risk management to environmental needs and the climate emergency, planning, precision agriculture, e-health and more.

At a time when the space sector is undergoing major change, a growing number of institutions are taking advantage of this momentum to integrate these new techniques into their operations and optimize certain processes. Why not join them?

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Regions and major cities are the main beneficiaries of solutions derived from the space sector

Our specific offer for local authorities

  • technical expertise
  • Training
  • Promotion & coordination

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Lauréat #SpaceTour 2021

Murmuration, lauréat #SpaceTour21

Nouveau service issu de nos #PitchDays2021!
Murmuration commercialise un nouvel outil grâce au prix remporté
PitchDay : Occitanie, 08.11.21 Thématique : Détection et suivi des événements…

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Murmuration, lauréat #SpaceTour21
Michel Bénet, Diginove


Caractériser le bâti et fournir données démographiques

The succession of successes!
Technical advice, incubation, financing, export support... this is the story that has…

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TIMM - Télé Imagerie Médicale Mobile



AdEchoTech was the first company to market a robotic tele-ultrasound solution. The medical expert examines the…

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An example of successful support
Founded in 2016, Weatherforce is a start-up specialized in providing very local…

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Industrialists, test your health R&D in space!
Take part in the first webinars in France on health R…

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Let's turn on the screens!
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🎇🎊 The entire Connect team is raising a toast 🥂 to 2021! Our best wishes for success for all your projects…

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