Space offers new opportunities

Companies and partners, become our Ambassadors!

Space offers many solutions that we encourage you to explore, in order to then share them in your regions. Thanks to our regional partnerships, you can become an Ambassador for the use of space technologies.

Nothing could be simpler, just register for the specific training courses we organize with our partners (local authorities, consular chambers, development agencies, incubators, competitiveness clusters, etc.).

This training is accessible to all, and covers:

  • The essential concepts of space resources and solutions
  • An overview of current and expected short-term space solutions, in order to facilitate the development of their uses

Once trained, you can become a Connect by CNES Ambassador!

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Join our network of Ambassadors and help us relay our messages!

Join the movement!

Agriculture, environment, tourism, health, transport, regional management, insurance, etc. Through their uses, space technologies cover hundreds of current and future professions, with a wealth of training opportunities. 

There are numerous solutions, whether you wish to better understand space and its applications or improve your skills in a specific field: initial or ongoing training, courses leading to qualifications, and training via tailored or dedicated modules... Intended for both experts and non-specialists, come and discover the entire range available to you.

Training catalogue

The catalogue lists all the training courses in space applications: face-to-face, distance learning, on a regional, national or European level, etc.
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Your Training contact

Laurence will help you with any questions on training. Don't hesitate to write to us, we will forward your request.

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Laurence, your Training contact