Bandeau rencontres "Climat, spatial et assurances"

Climate, space and insurance

Évènement -

Climate, space and insurance day

On-line, 26/11

Insurance and reinsurance professionals are facing major and unprecedented challenges, a direct consequence of the climate emergency.

Organized by CNES and Connect by CNES in partnership with the French Insurance Federation, this dematerialized event offers expert analyzes, pitches from start-ups / VSEs / SMEs with a spatial component and B2B meetings targeted around three major issues:

  • Impacts of climate change
  • Agriculture
  • Alerts, crisis management

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Picto projets partenaires

One event, two highlights

November 26, 2020
Expert presentations

During the presentations, each theme of the event will be illustrated by presentations by duos of space and insurance experts, followed by pitches from Start-Ups / VSEs / SMEs offering innovative solutions in these fields.

The discussions will be broadcast live on our web platform in interaction with you.

Nov. 26 to Dec. 2

To go further in the discovery of solutions offered to the world of insurance by space companies, a B2B meeting platform is made available.

This B2B meeting module will be accessible to Insurance Professionals, Space Start-Ups / VSEs / SMEs, innovation players, speakers and event organizers.

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