Climat, spatial, assurances

Climate, space, insurance


Start-ups, VSEs & SMEs solutions

Organized by CNES and Connect by CNES in partnership with the French Insurance Federation, this event offered expert analyzes and pitches from start-ups / VSEs / SMEs on the contributions of space to three major challenges:

  • Impacts of climate change
  • Agriculture
  • Alerts, crisis management

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A digital event in two stages


During the presentations, each topic was dealt with by duos of space and insurance experts, and followed by pitches from Space Start-Ups offering innovative solutions for insurers.

(26/11 - 02/12)

An online Networking module has been deployed to facilitate exchanges between insurance professionals, start-ups / VSEs / SMEs with a spatial component, innovation players, stakeholders and organizers.

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Behind the digital format, there is a very human and motivated team!


2:00 pm – Introduction

  • Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, Environment and Climate Advisor to the President of CNES
  • Jérôme Balmes, Digital and Innovation Director - French Insurance Federation

2:20 – Keynote

  • Benoit Meyssignac, IPCC Contributor, Researcher on climate change at CNES and at the Laboratory for Geophysics and Space Oceanography (LEGOS)
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  • Introduction and presentation: Laurent Montador, Deputy Managing Director Caisse Centrale de Réassurance
  • Duo of Space -Insurance experts:
    > Jean-Michel Soubeyroux, Deputy Director of Climatology and Climate Services Météo France
    > Stijn Vermoote, Head of Section User Engagement at ECMWF, C3S
    > Jean-Louis Charluteau, Director reinsurance, the Generali Climate Lab’ and the management of technical projects, Generali France
  • Start-up pitches: Ecoclimasol, Kayrros, Resallience
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  • Introduction et animation : Christophe Delcamp, Deputy Director, Damage and Liability Insurance Department, FFA
  • Duo of Space -Insurance experts:  > Michel Feuga, Thematic Solutions Director, Airbus Connected Intelligence
  • > Jean-Michel Geeraert, Director of Agriculture and Prevention Market, Pacifica
  • Start-up pitches: Descartes Underwriting, TerraNIS, SpaceSense


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  • Introduction et animation : Eric Petitpas, Special Adviser on Natural Risks Mission
  • Duo of Space -Insurance experts:
    > Alix Roumagnac, President of Predict Services
    > Huu-An PHAM, Head of CYMO Axa Climate
  • Start-up pitches : ETELM, ExWexS, RisCrises
  • Closing remarks: Hélène de Boissezon, Risk and Insurance Expert, Competitiveness Development Sub-Department of CNES


The "Climate, space and insurance" event follows a first event organized by Connect by CNES in partnership with the French Insurance Federation in July 2019 in Paris, during which insurance professionals expressed two main wishes:

- meet space companies offering innovative solutions for insurance
- exchange with these companies on a Networking format

The proposed event responds to this and joins the mission of Connect by CNES to put space at the service of different economic sectors and to promote the emergence of new uses.


Insurance and reinsurance professionals face major and unprecedented challenges, a direct consequence of the climate emergency, some of which are obvious, such as floods, fires or extreme weather events. Others take a more discreet form but are just as crucial, such as subsidence of soil and its consequences on buildings. These subsidiary factors will have a considerable impact and must be anticipated.

Some of these new risks are not or are poorly covered, and professionals need innovative products to offer new formulas. Satellites have the ability to pass the same place regularly and observe many phenomena, continuously providing different data sources that can support the needs of insurance professionals.

Combined with Artificial Intelligence mechanisms, other data sources or processed by specific algorithms, these multitudes of data become extremely powerful tools and constitute a valuable source for setting up parametric insurance; All the more so since these data cover the entire globe, including remote or inaccessible areas following disasters that must be managed in a context of crisis.

This half-day presented in a very concrete and applicative way innovative processes and their advantages: how new products and services meet current and future needs, how they constitute a source of added value for the activities of insurers.


This day was organized by CNES and Connect by CNES in partnership with the French Federation of Insurance.

We would like to thank all the contributors, and more particularly the Competitiveness Clusters (Safe, Aerospace Valley, Finance Innovation) and the Boosters (MORESPACE, NOVA, SPACE4EARTH, SEINE ESPACE, RHINESPACE, CENTAuRA, MORPHO) for their support.

The backstage

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Behind the digital format, the whole team was united with a lot of energy and good humor to offer you an event that meets your expectations.