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Spatial and territories - the solutions


Today, satellites constantly scan all types of territories, with an increasingly fine resolution. Tomorrow, innovation will push this prowess even further: improved resolutions, 3D images... And what if it was a mine at hand?

This is the question that will be addressed during this workshop, particularly from two angles:

  • The city that breathes, or how space contributes to better manage urban heat, air pollution and demographic/tourist pressure.
  • The reclaiming of landscapes, to understand the contribution of space to the management of water reserves, hedgerows or snow.

Each theme will first offer the state of the art on the subject, followed by contrasting analyses by several user-supplier pairs, and tooltips that will project us towards the future of the possible... for the management of territories!


Animation : Frédéric ADRAGNA, Vincent LONJOU, Eric BREL - CNES

The city that breathes

Temperature in the city: Eurometropole of Strasbourg - Sébastien WEHRLE, Connect by CNES - Vincent LONJOU
Air pollution : WaltR - Eric PEQUIGNOT
Tourist/demographic pressure: Murmuration - Tarek HABIB

Reclaiming landscapes

Snow : OpenIg - Tom BRUNELLE, Vallée Aosta - Umberto MORRA di CELLA
Water : MEOSS - Thomas FERRERO
Hedges : KERMAP - Antoine LEFEBVRE

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