The RMS tool is used for mechanical/kinematic evaluation of ball bearings for turbomachinery applications. RMS supports the design and justification of space engine turbopumps at CNES, allowing for detailed analysis of internal mechanics of ball bearings under complex representative load, featuring:

  • Internal mechanical/kinematic analysis of ball-rings interactions
  • Configuration evolution under operation
  • High speed centrifugal effects
  • Fine contact modeling (w & w/o solid lubricants)
  • Retainer analysis
  • Multi-axial Fatigue computation
  • MultiPoint Post-Processing

RMS 5 is available with an improved Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as in its Command Line Interface (CLI) version that makes it possible to couple&connect the code with other software/interfaces.

The code is available under the conditions defined in the "License" file, issued by CNES upon agreement with the User.




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Free owner licence

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Windows / Linux

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