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Radio frequency link balances for uplinks (TC), downlinks (TM) or inter-satellite links (ISL).

The Statistical Link Budget tools allow to perform link budgets by random draws and to compare these results with standard methods. It is possible to perform link budgets according to a simple satellite dynamics (circular orbit, spherical Earth for TM or TC links) or on the basis of ephemeris files.

Contrary to classical link budgets, the tool also allows to compute the availability of the link taking into account the distribution laws of the different gain and loss contributors.

The use is done through a GUI and allows to produce result curves, but also result files for later use.

Three tools are available:

  • a tool for down links (TM, TMHD)
  • a tool for uplinks (TC)
  • a tool for inter-satellite links (ISL)

Each tool and its environment are installed using a specific installation module. The execution of the tool requires the Matlab runtime (in version R2017b), one can choose to install only the tool or to install the tool and the Matlab runtime. The Matlab runtime can be downloaded directly from this link:

Each package also contains the user manual of the tool in French and in English, as well as a document describing the algorithms and the physical models used (in English). The user manuals also detail the installation procedure.

The tool is currently used internally by CNES in the department in charge of the dimensioning of Radio Frequency links and has allowed to identify certain margins and to reduce the required power on board certain missions.



Tools Liaison Report Statistics



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Matlab R2017b

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Windows 64bits

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