Are you ready for the farming of the future?

Are you ready for the farming of the future?

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Major challenges can also bring new opportunities...

By 2050, we will need to feed a further two billion people. To keep pace with this growth, global agricultural production will need to increase by 70%, with more land under cultivation and higher crop yields. But how can this be done without exhausting the soil or encroaching on forests, and while reducing inputs, optimizing irrigation and preserving biodiversity in a global context of climate change?

The agricultural sector is facing a major challenge; how can we help it respond? What solutions are there for the farming of the future? What if the answer lies not just under our feet, but hundreds of kilometres above our heads?

CNES is once again joining forces with QQF Media to explain how space technologies can add value to agriculture. So what next? Discover the facts and action plans through our computer graphics presentation.

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