The CNES CCSDS-PAIS tool is a prototype, whose goal is to implement a part of the CCSDS PAIS standard ("Producer Archive Interface Specification", CCSDS 651.1 B-1, available at It describes the set of data to be transferred from the producer to the archive, and validates this data according to standardized criteria.


This is a java implementation that conforms to the recommended practices of the CCSDS PAIS ("Producer Archive Interface Specification") standard, based on PAIS XML schemas, and uses other components such as the Derby database to manage the data objects received by the archive. These components are under free license, the texts of these licenses are included in the download folder.

Supported operating systems :

JDK 1.6 minimum versions, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10, Linux

Related products :

  • dataChecker (Licence Eclipse Public)
  • derby (Licence Apache 2.0)
  • java  (Licence Oracle Binary Code)
  • jaxen (Licence BSD)
  • jdom  (Licence BSD)
  • jgraph  (Licence LGPL)
  • log4j  (Licence Apache 2.0)
  • microba  (Licence BSD)
  • saxpath  (Licence Apache-style)
  • spring  (Licence Apache 2.0)
  • utils  (Licence LGPL-2.1)
  • xerces  (Licence Apache 2.0)
  • xstream  (Licence BSD)

Documentation : Manuel d’installation et utilisateur






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Open source

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Operating system

versions minimales JDK 1.6, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10, Linux


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