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The CNES reference tool for ablation computation during re-entry

DEBRISK is part of a set of tools developed by CNES in the framework of the French Space Operation Act. It evaluates the survivability of fragments issued from a satellite entering the Earth’s atmosphere. This software is available for space operators to check the compliance of their vehicles with this technical regulation.

DEBRISK computes trajectories and ablation of fragments from a space vehicle during re-entry. This software uses an object oriented approach. : it assumes the satellite consists of  multiple objects, modelled by geometrical shapes with possible parent/child/component dependencies. Each object is characterized by its shape, its size, its mass and its material. DEBRISK computes aerothermodynamic phenomenon (thermal heat, ablation, conduction, oxidation …) to supply a list of the surviving objects and their characteristics upon ground arrival. ELECTRA, another CNES tool for compliance with French Space Operation Act, uses this list and the characteristics of fragments to compute corresponding casualty area.

Since version 3.5, distribution is no more subject to a preliminary demand. For previous versions, it is always possible to make a request (see Contact section below).





Licence type

Free owner licence

Programming language

Java ≥ 1.8

Operating system

Windows, Linux (voir le Manuel Utilisateur pour plus de détails sur les configurations acceptées)


Attached documents

Release Note (44.32 KB) User manual (3.39 MB) User guide of DEBRISK tool for satellites (3.76 MB)
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