Space Tour 2021 - Les applications spatiales : Tremplin pour l’économie et la société

Space Tour 2021

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Pitch your project and get funding!

You want to get a contract to develop a space solution?
Participate in the call for projects "Space Tour 2021 - Space applications: Springboard for the economy and society" and win a contract up to 100.000€!

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Who can participate?

Operated by CNES as part of the national space plan proposed by the Directorate General for Enterprise, the call for projects is aimed at startups and SMEs developing applications in the field of space within the theme "Space applications: Springboard for the economy and society" and in the following sub-themes proposed by the Regional Councils who wished to be associated with this device:

  • Mountain development: knowledge of the mountains and the effects of global warming, securing sites and infrastructures, development of tourist heritage, rescue solutions, etc.
    Challenge proposed by the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region
  • Maritime: sea state, fishing, maritime transport, safety, marine energy, marine and coastal ecosystems, port economy, tourism and leisure etc.
    Challenge proposed by the Brittany Region
  • Management of resources and infrastructures related to water: water quality, river transport, drought forecasting and management, etc.
    Challenge proposed by the Grand-Est Region
  • Land use planning and regular updating of Geographic Information Systems: land use, cadastre, agricultural parcels, forests, etc. Challenge proposed by the Collectivité Territoriale de Guyane
  • Energy, ecological and digital transition & Smart Cities: mobility, security, housing, connectivity, improving the quality of life in cities (including air quality)...
    Challenge proposed by the Ile de France Region
  • Dynamic mapping of territories: updating of land use maps, in particular of urban areas, adaptation and resilience of coastal territories (coastline monitoring, event monitoring, hydrodynamics, etc.).
    Challenge proposed by the Reunion Region
  • Logistics: improvement and optimization of logistics flows, geo-referencing, traceability, security, multi-modality, intelligent mobility, etc.
    Challenge proposed by the Normandy Region
  • Preservation of natural resources: oceans, coastline, wetlands, biodiversity, agricultural and forestry land...
    Challenge proposed by the New Aquitaine Region
  • Detection and monitoring of diffuse or massive pollution events: at sea, in the mountains, on land, in waterways, in the sky, in the atmosphere, in space... Challenge proposed by the Occitanie Region
  • Agroecological transition: yield optimization, precision agriculture, soil conservation, reduction of inputs, agroforestry, nutrition, health prevention, resource management, marine bioresources, fishing, aquaculture...
    Challenge proposed by Pays de la Loire
  • Sustainable, safe and resilient territories: management of natural and industrial risks in the territories, sustainable development, energy, impact of climate change on territories and maritime spaces, maritime safety, urbanization...
    Challenge proposed by the South Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur Region

How to participate?

You can propose your projects in one or more of the themes described above (no constraint related to the geographical location of your company as long as it is domiciled in France). The expected projects must be innovative and require R&D activities with an application focus, as well as experimental development allowing the implementation of an operational service within two years.

The projects selected for each theme will compete during a Pitch Day, at the end of which three winners will be awarded a contract financed by the national recovery plan:

  • 100,000€ for the project ranked 1st by the State/Region selection committee,
  • 75 000€ for the 2nd,
  • 50 000€ for the 3rd.


Plus-value de la donnée satellitaire
At least 3 projects will be pre-selected by theme, and will receive a prize financed by the national recovery plan (100K€ - 75K€ - 50K€)

The regional councils, partners of the Space Tour 2021

Additional winners may be co-financed on regional budget by some partner regions. The instruction will then be carried out directly by the Region according to the applicable rules of intervention.

The number of additional winners and the amount of aid will be at the discretion of each partner Region. The Regions will be able to finance projects from companies in their territory that have responded to the themes of other Regions if the project leader authorizes access to the file.


Régions participant au volet C
11 regions participate in "Space tour 2021


Deadline for applications: May 17, 2021 at 12:00 (Paris time)

Submit your application here


Visuel "Space tour 2021"
You can apply until May 17, 2021 at 12:00 (Paris time) via the CNES contract procedures website


You can contact the booster in your region, they are partners in the operation. You can also ask questions via the CNES purchasing platform.


Ile de France & Normandie


Auvergne Rhône Alpes

Grand Est

Sud Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur

Nouvelle Aquitaine & Occitanie

Bretagne & Pays de Loire


Seine Espace







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