TIMM - Télé Imagerie Médicale Mobile


AdEchoTech was the first company to market a robotic tele-ultrasound solution. The medical expert examines the patient remotely using a probe and receives the imaging data live via satellite.

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The MELODY system is a robotic tele-ultrasound system that enables a medical expert to carry out a remote ultrasound examination in conditions very close to conventional practice. To do this, AdEchoTech developed a system with a robot that can replicate the expert's movements and transmit the information via satellite.

The expert uses a dummy probe to manipulate the real probe on the patient's belly. This generates all the millimetre-accurate images needed to reach a diagnosis that can be used in medicine and obtain a valid report. The system is used in the medical field for abdominal, cardiac and gynaecological-obstetric ultrasounds.


Our system is invaluable in the current COVID-19 crisis, as it establishes an additional barrier on the sites where it has been installed in order to minimize contagion.

Eric LEFEBVRE – Fondateur et Président
Eric LEFEBVRE - Founder and President

CNES's support

AdEchoTech's first funding round was in 2015. CNES purchased a stake, seizing the opportunity to support this innovation (originally designed for use in space) and its adaptation to an Earth-based application. This has helped the company boost the growth of its export business.

The MELODY solution is now used, for example, on isolated populations in the far north of Canada, in Norway for pregnancy monitoring, and in Guadeloupe for patients with heart failure. AdEchoTech even has a few projects in prisons, to facilitate inmate healthcare

In particular, CNES's support has enabled us to boost the growth of our export business to North American territories and Scandinavian countries.

 Nicolas LEFEBVRE – Directeur Général
Nicolas LEFEBVRE - Managing Director

Contribution of space technologies

AdEchoTech also worked on the TIMM project, , a satellite-linked mobile medical tele-imaging unit that can travel around communities offering imaging examinations such as ultrasound or X-ray directly to the most isolated populations.
This project was supported by a consortium of public and private players, including AdEchoTech and MEDES, the healthcare subsidiary of CNES.


The satellite-link part of this project was problematic, as AdEchoTech was unable to address it in-house.

We turned to the  CESARS service CNES's space telecommunications consulting service. They provided us with all their expertise and helped us during testing to adjust the various network settings and the satellite antenna, in order to obtain optimal image quality and the lowest possible latency.

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Charlie BORGEAIS – Directeur Technique
Charlie BORGEAIS - Director of Service 
Michel Bénet, Diginove


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